Project Give Back
For Nonprofit Organizations
Generate an ongoing revenue stream from
your donors at no cost to your organization.

Develop a Reoccurring Revenue Stream

Project Give Back is a special program developed by Priority Payment Systems to help nonprofit organizations develop a reoccurring revenue stream. The program is unique in that it does not require the investment of time or money from the organizations staff in order to be successful. Instead, the program is designed to be self supporting and only requires the endorsement of the organization.

Because of this unique feature and the positive effect the Project Give Back program can have on the nonprofit sector, Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions has chosen to partner with Priority Payment Systems and jointly market Project Give Back to the nonprofit sector. We believe the program provides an immediate actionable step nonprofit organizations can take to diversify their income development programs during this tough economic market. Any nonprofit organization processing their credit card transactions through Bluewater is eligible to participate in the program.

How the Program Works

The Project Give Back program is based on nonprofit organizations allowing Priority Payment Systems to contact its constituents concerning their credit card processing. For each client that Priority Payment Systems signs through the referral from the nonprofit organization, the nonprofit organization will receive a monthly donation from Priority Payment Systems equal to 20% of the gross profits generated from each client’s account. To get the program started, Priority will guarantee each participating nonprofit organization a minimum monthly contribution of $100.

All marketing materials related to Project Give Back will be presented to the nonprofit organization for review and approval prior to contacting any donors. Priority Payment Systems will cover all marketing related expenses it incurs in conjunction with marketing Project Give Back on behalf of the nonprofit organization. Additionally, Priority will sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement to ensure the nonprofit organization that its constituents will only be contacted in conjunction with marketing the Project Give Back program. While the program was designed to not require the investment of the nonprofit organization’s time or money, nonprofits can chose to directly promote the program to its constituents.

A Win-Win Program

The Project Give Back program offers significant benefits to both participating nonprofit organization and to its constituents who own businesses and accept credit card payments for their products and or services. The nonprofit organization establishes a new, no-cost channel for ongoing donations while extending a savings opportunity to their constituents. The participating constituent organization has the opportunity to improve their payment processing service levels, reduce their transactional costs, all while supporting their preferred nonprofit organization at no additional expense.

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